The increasing importance of early clinical drug development and harmonisation across Europe in the early 2000’s saw several national societies getting involved in mutually beneficial informal collaborations in the field of human pharmacology.

Following the success of a variety of collaborative initiatives it was recognised that several representative bodies shared interests, objectives and values and together could provide a coherent ‘voice’ to represent the interests of those involved in exploratory medicines development in Europe. Four (founding) societies determined to formalise their association under a single entity in 2015, The European Federation for Exploratory Medicines Development (EUFEMED).

The founding national societies were Healixia (previously the Belgian Association for Phase-I Units (BAPU)), Association Française de Pharmacologie Translationnelle (previously Club Phase 1, France), the Association for Applied Human Pharmacology (AGAH, Germany) and the Association for Human Pharmacology in the Pharmaceutical Industry (AHPPI, United Kingdom).

The federation expanded in 2022 to incorporate two additional national societies as full members: Polish Association for the Development of Innovative Medicines (POLFEMED, Poland) and the Association of Clinical Research Organizations in the Netherlands (ACRON, The Netherlands).

Articles of Association

Download the Articles here (PDF)

Our mission

EUFEMED is the European not-for-profit association for the exchange of information, guidance and opinion between sponsors, national agencies, research units and study participants on the practice of early clinical development of medicines with the ultimate goal of improving therapeutic options for individual patients and society as a whole.

  • Guidance: EUFEMED offers opportunities to share and debate information on new models in medicines development and best practice of applied human pharmacology in conferences, workshops and webinars, and through the development of reference materials and publications.
  • Education and Training: EUFEMED develops and delivers education and training to improve and support the conduct and practice of early clinical development of medicines.
  • Safety: EUFEMED promotes the best interests of study participants and fosters the safe practice of human pharmacology in clinical trial planning, conduct and reporting among all stakeholders involved in early medicines development.
  • Networking: EUFEMED facilitates networking between stakeholders of human pharmacology through its member associations by organising discussion and meeting opportunities at a European level.
  • Representation: As a collective, EUFEMED represents its members in public consultations and discussions on future legislation and operational practices in early medicines development with regulatory agencies, governments, non-government organisations, industry and academia, with the aim of ensuring that appropriate recognition is given to the importance of developing new medicines in Europe.


Stronger together

EUFEMED members

In line with our mission, EUFEMED has been recognized as a stakeholder by EMA and is consulted for the revision of European guidelines related to early clinical medicines development.

In order to strengthen the voice of EUFEMED and in the importance of early medicines development in Europe, other societies and additional countries are invited to become members.


Together we can shape a brighter future!

The EUFEMED board

Jan de Hoon
Yves Donazzolo
Ingrid Klingmann
President Elect
Jelle Klein
Agnieszka Kulesza
Communication Coordinator
Sylvie Bruchmann
Events Coordinator