The European Federation for Exploratory Medicines DevelopmentEUFEMED – was founded in 2015 as a result of an ongoing, informal collaboration between several European societies active in the area of human pharmacology.

The founding associations include: the Belgian Association for Phase-I Units (BAPU, Belgium), Club Phase I (France), the Association for Applied Human Pharmacology (AGAH, Germany) and the Association for Human Pharmacology in the Pharmaceutical Industry (AHPPI, United Kingdom).

Because of the successful collaborations between these national societies since 2007, their comparable objectives and the growing importance of early clinical drug development in Europe as a region, BAPU, Club Phase I, AGAH and AHPPI decided to join forces for more structured collaborations.

As a result EUFEMED was founded: a federation of national societies and a “voice” in the interest of exploratory medicines development in Europe.

Articles of Association

Download the Articles here (PDF)

A not for profit association

EUFEMED is a not for profit association established under the Belgian law. The mission statement of the federation addresses the development, protection and promotion of the interests of early clinical medicines research and development in Europe.

To this end EUFEMED

  • represents national and European federations, organisations or associations active in early clinical medicines development;
  • helps the members it represents in all professional fields and uses all means to promote the purpose of the federation, such as the organisation of meetings and conferences, courses and specialist training, the contingent publication of a professional journal, …;
  • promotes the interest of early clinical medicines development in professional organisations, international organisations and public authorities;
  • develops standards and promotes guidance documents in early medicines development in order to improve European competitiveness.

Together we are strong

EUFEMED members

In line with these objectives, EUFEMED has been recognized as a stakeholder by EMA and is consulted for the revision of important European guidelines related to early clinical drug development.

In order to strengthen the voice of EUFEMED and in the importance of early medicines development in Europe, other societies and additional countries are invited to become members.


Together we can shape a brighter future!

The EUFEMED board


Margreke Brill
Jan de Hoon
Yves Donazzolo
Ingrid Klingmann
Board Director
Steffan Stringer
President Elect