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The founding members of EUFEMED


Belgian Association for Phase-I Units (BAPU)


Club Phase 1


Association for Applied Human Pharmacology (AGAH)


Association for Human Pharmacology in the Pharmaceutical Industry (AHPPI)
United Kingdom


The Belgian Association for Phase I Units is a scientific, medical, not for profit organisation that was founded in 2005. The members of BAPU work in the field of exploratory drug development and human pharmacology in academia, pharmaceutical industry or clinical research organisations. The BAPU is particularly open for professionals working in phase 1 drug development. The BAPU provides a platform for scientific exchange, improvement of training and education as well as opportunities to represent professional interests.

One of the primary objectives is to facilitate communication and collaborations between Belgian phase I units on the one hand and professional national and international organizations as well as official authorities on the other.



The CLUB PHASE 1 is a French not for profit association created in 1993 whose members are individuals involved in the early clinical development stage of medical research and come from a variety of professional areas (Pharmaceutical Industry, Clinical Research Organisations, and Hospital-University).

CLUB PHASE 1 aims to facilitate and develop exchanges on scientific, methodological, regulatory, or ethical topics amongst people engaged professionally in clinical pharmacology studies and to promote early clinical development in France.



The Association for Applied Human Pharmacology, founded in 1991, is a scientific medical not for profit organisation which members work in the field of explorative drug development and human pharmacology.

The organisation is particular open for professionals who work in the field of translational medicine i.e. bringing new medicinal products from the bench into clinical research.


The Association for Human Pharmacology in the Pharmaceutical Industry is an informal organization, founded in 1988. Members all work in human pharmacology and early medicinal product development including physicians, nurses, clinical scientists, project managers and support staff.

The purpose of the AHPPI is to provide a forum for continuing education in clinical pharmacology and in the regulatory aspects of early development of new medicines.